Friday, December 4, 2015

Is this really the end?

As my first term back in school after 9 years away draws to a close, it is time to look back and reflect on the class. It is safe to say that the Media and Society class was the most fun I have had in school in as far back as I can remember. I was able to learn a lot about a variety of media platforms and learned to question the motives of the industries I see and use daily. I appreciated that we were able to spend time talking about the history of music/radio, television/movies, and newspapers/books/magazines. It is important for future students in this class to learn where these industries came from, in order to understand where they are headed in the future. If I were to try to add anything to this class (with as much as we cover, I don't know how it would fit!!) I would suggest spending a little bit more time talking about what certain big companies are currently in the process of changing or adapting to in our ever evolving society. It was great to talk about where they COULD go, or reading in the What Would Google Do? book about where they SHOULD go, but I would be very interested to see what they ARE doing. I'm not sure I would take out anything that we talked about this term. It seemed like each piece came together to form a clear picture of what media is available currently and how it came to be, and I'm not sure it would flow as well or be as comprehensibly whole if anything were missing.

So, now I would like to take the opportunity to thank my teacher, Rob Priewe, for giving me a great opportunity to learn about media and society this term, and to thank my classmates for generally being awesome and having amazing discussions in class and on their blogs as well. Even though I am not in the journalism major, I do hope I get to see you in more classes as we continue on at LBCC. You guys rock!

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